Fr. Paul Kammen Photography

Fr. Paul Kammen Photography

Greetings from the Twin Cities. I'm Father Paul Kammen, a Catholic priest serving the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis at the wonderful parish of Saint Joseph's of Rosemount. I live with the greatest dog in the world, Kirby, a rescue golden pyrnees. 117 pounds of fluffy fun.

I'm 38 years of age, and 2015 is my 8th year of priesthood. I entered seminary in September, 2001, studying at the Saint Paul Seminary at Saint Thomas University in Saint Paul, MN after finishing a political science degree at the U of M, discerning a call to the priesthood in my last year. I did feel God tugging at my heart and truly don't think I could be fulfilled in any other position.

Priesthood is my vocation, but I also have a number of hobbies. Of course, a main interest for me is photography. I got my first camera in 7th grade, and an automatic one in 8th grade that I had a lot of fun with. I didn't shoot a whole lot in high school and college, but by seminary when digital cameras began to be released, I got my first, a Canon Powershot 2, which I really enjoyed. In February of 2009, I got a Powershot sx10, a very good point and shoot, but I wanted to take it to the next level so I picked up an DSLR, going with Olympus,initially and then moving over to Canon. I currently shoot with a 7D Mark II and 70D and various lenses. I've really taken an interest in the hobby, joining the Minnetonka Camera Club and Minnesota Nature Photography Club, and shooting many pictures. I find it a wonderful way to relax and capture memories, but photography can also transport you. My favorite subject is birds, and I'll go all over trying to find good shots, though I also shoot many other subjects too.

I opened a Smug Mug page as, while I'm not a pro, I thought I could share some of my shots and, who knows, maybe someone might like to have a picture or two to hang in their home. I'm always open to feedback and trying to improve, so welcome it.

Thanks for browsing through my galleries.

Please feel free to e-mail me at:

God bless,
Fr. Paul
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