Fr. Paul Kammen Photography

Thanks for stopping by my photo page.

I'm Father Paul Kammen, a Catholic priest serving in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, at the wonderful parish of Saint Joseph's of Rosemount. I live with a wonderful furry friend named Emmett, a Golden Retriever who adopted me.

I'm 44 years old, and have been a priest for 14-plus years.

A U of M grad in political science, I did feel God tugging at my heart, so entered seminary after college and truly don't think I could be fulfilled in any other position.

Priesthood is my vocation, but I also have a number of hobbies, my main one being photography. I fell in love with it when getting a "point in shoot" while I was in seminary.

Eventually, wanting to do more with photography, I picked up a "DSLR." I first shot with Olympus, then was with Canon for about 8 years, and am now a Nikon shooter. I changed to Nikon as bird photography is my favorite, and I'm a big fan of the Nikon autofocus system. My current set up is a Nikon Z9 and Z7ii, with the Z lenses 14-24 2.8, 24-70 2.8 & 100-400 4.5-5.6. For birds, my go-to is the Nikon 800 5.6mm lens and the 500 5.6 PF lens from Nikon. I'm also a big fan of the NiSi filter system, which I use a lot on landscapes to enhance clouds and show motion.

Every day there's so much in the world we miss or don't take the time to see; photography I believe tells a story, captures great memories, and gives us the chance to appreciate the world more. For me, it's also a great escape to be out in nature or to see God's creation, and can often be a spiritual experience too.

In particular, I fell in love with nature and landscape photography with an emphasis on birds. I love spending my days off photographing birds in particular with so many in Minnesota, and also love travelling to national parks and others places for landscapes. I am also a big dog lover.

I opened a Smug Mug page as I thought I could share some of my shots and, who knows, maybe someone might like to have a picture or two to hang in their home. I'm always open to feedback and trying to improve, so welcome it.

Thanks for browsing through my galleries.

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God bless,
Fr. Paul